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Juicy, fresh and tangy Italian tomatoes San Marzano, Pomodoro di Pachino, Costoluto fiorentino, Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio



Our tomatoes

Explore the exquisite world of tomatoes with our passion for delivering the finest flavours from field to fork. Our journey takes us across Italy to discover the tangiest, tastiest tomatoes, carefully selected to create a diverse range that captures the essence of this beloved fruit.

For those who share our passion for tomatoes, we offer an expanding range that promises the next big red sensation. Additionally, we cater to wholesale needs with our bulk supply of tomatoes available in drums of 2.5kg.

Sustainably sourced from the heart of Italy, our tomatoes uphold a tradition of excellence while evolving to meet ethical standards. We are committed to preserving the landscape, environment, and community that contribute to our rich harvest.

Join us in the fields of Naples through our video, experiencing the delicate and challenging task of tending to tomatoes from seedling to ripeness. Weather conditions may vary, but our dedication remains steadfast as we navigate the unpredictable nuances of each harvest season.

Curious about our processing methods? Delve behind the scenes with Atlante in Italy,where we showcase how our tomatoes are transformed from vine to succulent, preserved products enjoyed worldwide. Canning, dehydrating, and crafting into paste, puree, pulp, ketchup, sauce, and juice—our tomatoes undergo meticulous processing to preserve their unrivalled flavour.

For those seeking wholesale quantities, we specialise in bulk buy options for tinned tomatoes. Elevate your culinary creations with our premium selection, sourced and processed with the utmost care. Choose quality, choose passion—choose our tomatoes for an unparalleled taste experience.

Chopped, concentrate, peeled, passata or puree. You say it, we'll source it:

Sainburys-Taste-the-Difference-tomatoes-300x300 Italian finely chopped tomatoes Passata DeSimone_Whole-peeled-tomatoes-resized DeSimone_Diced-tomatoes-resized DeSimone_Crushed-tomatoes-resized Tomato Puree


We'll always stay true to our tradition and our heritage of sourcing the best Italian regional ingredients, but we're also constantly evolving to ensure our tomato products are sustainably sourced, honouring the landscape, environment and community from which they are harvested. 


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From Field to Fork

Tending tomatoes from seedling to ripe, ready to pick from the vine fruits is a delicate and often difficult task. Weather conditions change season on season, year on year and this affects the harvest in unpredictable ways. In this video we join our producers in the fields of Naples to explore and understanding the tomato journey, its intricacies and nuances, as they make their way from field to fork. 



European tomatoes originating in Italy


European tomatoes originating in Italy



Million tonnes of tomatoes processed in Italy 2020

Seasonal & permanent employed workers


Seasonal & permanent employed workers

Value of Italian tomato export market (millions)


Value of Italian tomato export market (millions)



In this video we go behind the scenes with Atlante in Italy to find out how our tomatoes are taken from the vine and processed into the succulent, preserved tomato products that we enjoy across the globe. Processing tomatoes are primarily canned, dehydrated, as well as turned into paste, puree, pulp, ketchup, tomato sauce and tomato juice. To preserve the most flavour, processing tomatoes are machine harvested ripe and red.


Atlante Italian Tomato Export Infographic

Italian Tomatoes: Key Statistics

Get the key information you need to know about the Italian processed tomato export market. Our infographic includes the insights and data you need to know if you're a buyer looking to source wholesale tomatoes from Italy.



Keep up to date with the latest tomatoes bulletin

We analyse the market trends, see what's happening on the tomato market and make predictions for the harvest., it's all available in this handy bulletin.

Tomatoes newsletter on tomato harvest


Spotlight on trends in the major commodities markets as a tool to help with FMCG buying strategies.


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Canned, Peeled, Whole, Crushed, Chopped, Sliced, Diced?

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