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Raw Materials and Commodities


Focus on Raw Materials

Every business needs to manage supply chain effectively from purchasing raw materials right up until delivery to the customer.




Spotlight on trends in the major commodities markets as a tool to help with FMCG buying strategies.


Commodities Bulletin

Focus on Raw Ingredients

Having been one of the most popular food products in the pantry as consumers stocked up with pasta and cous cous during the pandemic, the production of durum wheat is in crisis. Luckily, CEO Natasha Linhart is on the pulse and explains below how Atlante can help suppliers ride out the storm. Also on hand to provide some help is Steve O'Hare discussing the key reasons why buyers should keep an eye on the commodity markets. 

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Key Ingredients


DURUM Wheat in 2021

Following a disastrous Canadian harvest, the rush on durum wheat prices on international and national markets continues.

Natasha Linhart CEO of Atlante, talks about the perfect storm that’s on the horizon for producers, buyers and consumers.



focus on wheat

Why is wheat important to traders and in turn to buyers? Wheat has been one of the most important food crops used across the globe for centuries. Today, it is one of the most widely produced agricultural commodities on a per-volume basis.

Due to its high protein content and overall nutritional value, wheat remains one of the most consumed grains worldwide.

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The Trading Expert's View

Steve O'Hare is a commodities trading expert, who is approved by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.

Throughout his 30 year trading career he has experienced & traded across some of the most volatile economic periods of modern times. He explains why buyers need to understand the commodities markets.


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Wheat Fact #1

Wheat is the most important food source for human consumption.

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Wheat Fact #2

It's used in the production of bread, pasta, cookies, breakfast cereals as well as animal feed and biofuel.

People and Planet

Wheat Fact #3

Production of wheat has tripled in the past 50 years as the world’s population has doubled.

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Wheat Fact #4

Technological advancements (yield increase) mean the amount of land farmed has remained relatively constant.


What can cause wheat price disruption?

The main factors that affect wheat prices are climate and oil prices. Adverse or unpredicted climate changes will reduce production and increase prices. High oil prices have the same effect.
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What is the most important factor in wheat price discovery?

The silent underlying and yet most important factor in wheat price discovery is the big four commodity trading companies namely ADM, Bunge, Cargill and Louis Dreyfus collectively known as ABCD traders.

  • ABCD traders control as much as 90% of the global grain trade. Their sheer scale and huge balance sheets allow them to participate in the supply chain from agricultural production right up to manufacturing. Some own land, provide inputs to farmers, buy the product from farmers, transport and store with their facilities and then sell to manufacturers and retailers.

  • This vertical integration along the supply chain gives them leverage to hedge and set prices for the commodity.

However, fluctuations in the price of wheat are somehow buffered when it comes to the price of bread from the shelf. Wheat prices from 2016-2020 increased by almost 53% and yet bread prices only went up by a marginal 6.3%. This is due to other factors engrained in making bread. It is estimated that the value of wheat in an 800gram loaf of bread is only about 10-15%.



Market Trends

Our deep knowledge of markets and products allows us to be on top of market trends.

We formulate ideas, confirm them through research and market analysis, and propose complete projects both for private and fancy brands, handling each phase of project management.
Decades of experience in private label projects, which accounts for 70% of the company’s business, means we always achieve our results, guaranteeing efficiency and a transparent cost structure for turnkey solutions, from idea to shelf.

We study the durum wheat market data to help us with our buying techniques.

Acuity Trading Wheat


Acuity Trading Aluminium




The physical supply chain is the beating heart of the commodity trading business.

Global trading firms manage transportation and complex logistics to source, store, blend and deliver commodities for their customers around the globe.

The food supply chain encompasses all of the steps that have to happen to get food from concept to consumers −  a coordinated series of business interactions which bring together production, transportation, processing, marketing, packaging, distribution, wholesaling, retailing, institutional and restaurant preparation and service.